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The past couple of entries have been on paper. I haven't felt it… - I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 14th, 2009|12:09 am]
[music |The Bucket - Kings of Leon]

The past couple of entries have been on paper. I haven't felt it right to put anything on this. But writing on paper has become somewhat taxing for some reason. Perhaps it's my form I need to work on. Thoughts roll on to thoughts and onwards before I can start to control them and the paper becomes full.
Anywho, all is good. The train ride from Philly was interesting. I felt like I was traveling as fast as my brain usually does. The music sounded slower. And then when I got into my bed today and listened to the same music, it sounded so slow and my head was moving too fast. This week should be nice. Lots of reading which is what I've wanted for long now.
Reviewing ethics lately has been a wonderful exercise. It's great to identify people who act by certain moral philosophies and then use that identification to study.
I've got the utilitarian, the Kantian (wow, VERY Kantian), the stoic, a justician, and the lovely relativists. It's been wonderful. Somehow though I'm not sure where I fall. I have to look a bit more.
Alex is a funny motherfucker. He sat over his beer yesterday, staring off into nothing and then suddenly turned to me and started talking about how socialism is ridiculous. The context was mint. I wonder how it is that things have finally turned around in one sector but gone to shit in another. whatever.
The break is rolling along but it's odd because I've given it no thought. At all. That's the only thing I could say about it all. Nothing.
What can I say about anything? Nothing.

It's scary that soon, this generation will be in charge of carrying on the human tradition. Not in a national sense, but in an international sense, in a global and humanistic sense. Will we be ready? What is culture to us? Sometimes I feel like it's going to be lost. Higher culture. Hope will always exsit because people love hope. People love that feeling even when it's pointless. I don't know. Here's a rant. I'm just not sure. Not sure if anyone is ready for anything. Even me...

Talkin like you walkin thru velvet snooooo-hooo...